Who we are

ValuingTools is an innovative Fintech in the financial sector, specialized in Company Valuation and M&A (Company Acquisition and Merger)

Who we are


Valuing your business

Founded by a team of consultants specialized in company valuation and M&A, ValuingTools has the technical capacity to carry out the valuation of companies in any sector of activity. We consolidated our experience with academic content
taught in the CFAI program, which allows us to have best practices, consistency and rigor in terms of company valuation methods and processes.

Through its cutting-edge methods and technology, ValuingTools automates any and all company valuation processes and corresponding added services: consultancy on the sale or purchase of companies, M&A (merger and acquisition of companies) and financial consultancy.

Why choose ValuingTools professionalism?

Innovative and technological company valuation process
Our Company Valuation reports are presented in an intuitive way. All technical aspects are explained in detail in the report. If you have any questions, we have a team with more than 5 years of experience at your disposal to assist you.
Assertive follow-up
We accompany entrepreneurs throughout the entire process of selling/buying a company, from evaluation to signing the transaction contract. We encourage you to schedule an informal conversation with one of our analysts in order to better understand your needs and advise you accordingly.
Turnkey Solutions
The values ​​shown are unique and no additional value will be charged. It is also not necessary to download any software to access your report. We offer turnkey professional company valuations, prepared by professional and rigorous consultants.
Automated method for valuating companies
Through our cutting-edge processes and technology, we automate any and all company valuation processes, as well as advice on the sale or purchase of companies.

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