The importance of corporate governance in an SME.

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The importance of corporate governance in an SME.

Corporate governance is the set of practices, principles and standards that guide the management of a company, striving for transparency, responsibility, accountability and the protection of the interests of shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and society in general.
The importance of corporate governance in a company is evident, as it contributes to:

• Improve economic-financial performance, increasing the company’s efficiency, productivity and competitiveness;
• Attracting and retaining investors increases the market value and reduces the company’s cost of capital;
• Strengthen the company’s reputation and image, as it promotes trust and credibility among stakeholders;
• Prevent and mitigate risks, avoid fraud, corruption, conflicts of interest and institutional crises;
• Promote sustainability, social and environmental development and compliance with laws and regulations.

But can a small or medium-sized company (SME) adopt these types of practices? The answer is yes. Although SMEs have different characteristics and challenges than large companies, they can also benefit from good corporate governance practices. Some advantages are:
• Improve financial management, facilitating access to credit and financing;
• Increase competitiveness in the market, differentiating ourselves through quality and innovation;
• Improve strategic management, defining clear objectives aligned with the company’s vision;
• Improve people management, motivating and training employees;
• Increase customer satisfaction by offering valuable products and services.

To implement good corporate governance in an SME, it is necessary to adapt practices to its specificities, considering the company’s size, sector, state of development and culture. Some measures are:
• Define a governance model appropriate to the company’s reality, establishing clear roles and responsibilities between partners and managers;
• Create a consistent and realistic business plan that guides the company’s strategic decisions;
• Implement an effective internal control system, which monitors the company’s processes and results;
• Adopt a code of ethics and conduct that reflects the company’s values ​​and guides employees’ behavior;
• Communicate relevant information about the company transparently with stakeholders.

corporate governance is an essential factor for the success of an SME company in the current scenario, marked by complexity, volatility and stakeholder demands. A company that adopts good governance practices differentiates itself from others, as it demonstrates that it has professional, ethical, transparent and sustainable management.
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