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    How we value your business

    ValuingTools is a Fintech specialized in company valuation and M&A (Company Merger and Acquisition). With 100% national capital and a team made up of consultants certified in business valuation, it has the technical capacity to carry out the valuation of companies in any sector of activity.

    Through our cutting-edge technology, we automate any and all company valuation processes. An innovative service in terms of the speed of the process and the cost for the entrepreneur, without ever losing rigor and professionalism.

    We intend to instill recognition of our company valuation and M&A (Company Merger and Acquisition) services, as being unique, innovative services adapted to the reality of each business. Highlight commitments to all our Stakeholders, as well as contributing to increasing awareness and financial literacy.

    ValuingTools is a Fintech specialized in valuing companies and complementary services: M&A, Financial Advisory, Buying and Selling Companies.
    Using innovation and cutting-edge technology, ValuingTools automates the entire company valuation process. Quickly and intuitively you can find out the real value of your company. An innovative service in terms of speed and cost, without compromising on rigor and professionalism.


    Business Opportunities

    Do you know how to buy or sell a company?
    Company merger and acquisition (M&A) processes are common practices in the market, and are part of the business strategy to generate more competitive advantage. Therefore, an advantageous option is often to sell part or all of the business, as well as buy companies relevant to the sector in which it operates.

    We value your business

    Specialists in Business Valuation and M&A (Company Merger & Acquisition)
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