Contingent payments or earn-outs on the sale of a company.

Pagamentos contingentes ou Earn-outs na venda de uma empresa
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Contingent payments or earn-outs on the sale of a company.

Contingent payments or earn-outs are terms used in the context of business sale transactions. They refer to a portion of the purchase price that is agreed upon between the buyer and the seller, but which will only be paid if certain milestones or conditions are met after the transaction ends.

The goals or conditions may vary, depending on the agreement between the parties involved, and are generally related to the company’s future performance. For example, earn-out can be based on achieving revenue targets, net income, customer growth or any other financial performance indicator.

The idea behind contingent payments is to allow the seller to receive an additional portion of the sales price based on the company’s future performance, aligning the interests of the buyer and seller. It can be useful when there is uncertainty regarding the company’s future performance or when there are disagreements between the buyer and seller about the company’s current or potential value.

Earn-outs are typically structured as cash payments, but can also involve stocks, bonds or other financial instruments. The value of contingent payments and the criteria for payment are negotiated at the time of sale and are recorded in a purchase and sale contract.

However, it is important to highlight that earn-outs can be complex and require careful monitoring by both parties involved. There may be disagreements regarding the interpretation of terms, the measurement of results or the disclosure of financial information. It is essential that the agreement is clear and that the obligations and responsibilities of both parties are well defined to avoid possible future conflicts

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